Reliable Crypto Tracker Apps


When it comes to the investment of money, then there is one traditional rule that people think, should be followed everywhere. Money should be invested in high quality and dividend stocks and of course in low risk assets. Sometimes, stock exchange could be considered an option too. Once you put your money this way, then you will have to sit and relax for a couple of years in order to enjoy the profits. This was something followed traditionally. Now let’s talk about the volatile world. Cryptocurencies have taken the place of all traditional investment styles for specific group of people of course. There are no rules and regulations in this world. Crypto tracker is one of the hottest topics these days.

When you are in the world of cryptocurrencies, then there is no application of any rule and regulations. The fluctuations of prices are very rapid and changes in double digits in no time. Spending just a month with crypto tracker is just like experiencing a roller coaster ride many times. Money invested in crypto currency is always at stake. If you are having a valuable asset right now, then it is certainly unknown that what would happen next and your asset would remain in your custody or not. Still there is lot of chances of becoming a crypto rich person. For that you need to rely on crypto tracker portfolios. There are many crypto tracking apps available working these days. Today you will learn about few of the popular ones.


This is one of the most popular trackers available these days. It is only available as a mobile app. A large variety of coins is attracted by this app and has a lot of options. You can check the real order book and you will also find a basic level newsfeed. Most importantly, this app has alerts, which are useful when notifies when a certain coin reaches specific point. Most of the crypto tracker portfolios do not have the option of giving alerts at the time when the coin is going at loss but it is Blockfolio that give alerts which anyone can use for the purpose of gaining profit cashes and also for reducing the chances of any losses at the time when prices start to drop. This is one of the friendliest app which can be customized. You can do a lot with it including hiding the balances, putting passcodes for security and taking and changing screenshots.


This is one of the similar to Blockfolio apps. The difference between Blockfolio and Delta is that the later one is faster and more dependable. The prices that are shown here on this app are more precise. Moreover, coins can be listed at high speed. There are some more fine features of this app which include watch list and the option of tracking more than one portfolios at a time. Whereas, the situation in which tracking of coins individually is required, Delta cannot match the accuracy of Blockfolio.


Above all, there is an amazing app available for crypto tracking. It has all the features, which anyone can expect from an app of this nature. If you will download this app for tracking your crypto portfolios then you will enjoy excellent features like percentile score, updated market information, helps in performance growth, manages portfolios and keeps you informed in every single update.

All the mentioned crypto tracker portfolio apps are being widely used by all the cryptocurrency dealers.