Technology and Small Business Achievement Go Hand in Hand


Adopting the right technology can push your small business to the next level.  And having run a Small business owner for 15 years, Anita Campbell, Founder of Small business trends has the right to confess that “the things we thought were unique back then are today commonplace.”

In 2003, Campbell wanted a place to get some newsletter articles up online. A friend advised her to start a blog and referred her to She started blogging, and after some time more and more people were visiting the site and reading the content. The increasing number of visitors inspired her to write more, and for 15 years, millions of businesses have been benefitting from her site

Here’s her advice to Micro-business owners as regards to the importance of tech in business achievement.

What has radically changed over the 15 Years?

CAMPBELL: The fact that everyone is trying to get their local businesses online.

Both buyers and sellers are now online savvy. Virtually all industries are trying to get online savvy. The 50% figure for “small business with “ is now inaccurate because it doesn’t account for the lots of businesses using central marketplace sites like Amazon, eBay to sell their goods and services. These sites may not need to own official websites.

What has remained constant over the 15 Years?

CAMPBELL: Small business must get used to the idea that technology is always changing.  

Anita explains her experience with new software, highlighting that software, applications and tech have continuously been alternating.

The rapid inventions and upgrades have made it difficult for retailers to figure out what they should use and what works for their business. Also, with tech and new software, Campbell advises that small businesses owners should ensure their teams are comfortable with the changes.

“It’s not always about you. It is important to get your staff up to speed too. While you may be quick to adopt this new software, the same may not be the case for your team.”

The change in tech can seem to be overwhelming, but it is now getting more and more important to learn every aspect of technology so as not to get left behind.

What Is the Next Big Tech?

CAMPBELL: AI is becoming the next big thing. Today it is about getting technology that you can get a lot from. AI helps you achieve so much more without putting in much labour and spending more.

Advise For Businesses in Rapidly Changing Industry

CAMPBELL: Business owners in sectors that seem to be rapidly transforming tend to panic due to unfair competition from established firms. Campbell advises that it is important to stay put and get back to the drawing board. Study the changes and change your line of attack because giving up is not an option.

Wrapping Up

Technology and small business go hand in hand; don’t hesitate to get a small business loans with no credit if you have to.

Author Bio:As the FAM account executive, Michael Hollis has funded millions by using business loans with no credit solutions. His experience and extensive knowledge of the industry has made him finance expert at First American Merchant.